The winners of this year’s Jesmond and Sandyford Plastic Free Awards for North and South Jesmond have been announced.

The winner for North Jesmond was the Pink Lane Bakery and Cafe, Acorn Road, whose award was presented by Wendy Young at a meeting in Jesmond Library. Pink Lane stated “Reducing plastic use is really important to us. For more than ten years we have used only recyclable brown paper bags, and we switched to compostable coffee cups and lids a couple of years ago. All our daily logistics are done by electric van or cargo bike.”

The South Jesmond winner was the Urban Green Cafe in Exhibition Park, who particularly emphasised their use of compostable takeaway packaging and have recently introduced a 25p discount for customers who bring their own cup.

Congratulations to both winners, and to the organisers of the competition, who come under the banner of Keep Jesmond Clean.