Sadly, we were not able to hold the normal launch for this year’s community festival, but Marjorie Dodds, the town crier who has launched all previous festivals, has nonetheless written a special Cry for us, for 2021:

Oyez!          Oyez!           Oyez!
Not out loud,
To draw a crowd,
Is not allowed!      YET!!!
Out on the street, there’s a buzz in the air,
Or is it the ether, as groups in Jesmond  prepare,
For Jesmond Community Festival, a little different this year!
Some events outside but lots on Zoom
To enjoy from the comfort of your living room.
Go to the website and book from the programme display,
So much to do, to see, to explore!
Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4!
God Save The Queen!