Glorious Gardens Awards.

Once again the Glorious Gardens competition brought to attention some wonderful Jesmond gardens. These were the award winners:

Small garden: 16 Northumberland Gardens. This small space is densely filled with a range of very unusual plants, with dramatic use of strong, dark colours. The bright touches of red and yellow provide a colourful lift. In addition there are some lovely features around the front door, including solar lights woven into shrubs, and a small tree.

Large Garden: 16 Tankerville Terrace. This garden was a pleasing mixture of flowering pots and borders, containing perennials and bedding plants surrounding a little lawn. There was a row of pots lining the path leading to the front door. All the plants were in bloom and it was delightfully colourful. Two Buddha statues added a touch of serenity.

Wildlife friendly: 25 Holly Avenue. This is a long front garden, with a huge mature lime tree on its front boundary.  The tree has had its crown lifted to allow light in, and the area beneath is cultivated as a woodland garden with many wildflowers and a woodpile.  A small lawn includes an area of long grass and a table feeder, and there are also bird feeders and a bird bath.  The whole area is densely planted, including use of the fence between neighbours. The garden adjoins many similar front gardens and provides as much as possible for wildlife, while creating a colourful space.

Single Container: 61 Grosvenor Gardens. A very attractive pot with lovely contrast between white and purple flowers against darker foliage. Simple but effective and works well in the context of sparkling pebbles.